Building Your Herbal Medicine Cabinet

When it comes to contagious respiratory diseases, one of the most significant ancestral lessons is to prepare. To prepare is to prevent. Through prevention, we promote balance and nourish the body’s internal systems to respond optimally to whatever life presents. Incorporating powerful plant allies into your lifestyle is an important part of a winning prevention strategy and a reliable personal herbal medicine cabinet. Our Immune Shield combines powerful, time-tested herbs boosting that support a healthy immune system response, strengthening the body’s resilience and natural abilities to defend itself when needed. 

In the chance that you do come in contact with a contagious pathogen, the herbal strategy pivots from nourishing and boosting, to releasing and expelling the pathogen. When it comes to contagious respiratory illnesses, there are two main categories of pathology: Wind-Cold and Wind-Heat. The descriptions of Cold and Heat help us differentiate between the body’s reactions upon first contact with the pathogen. The same illness can have different presentations and symptomology in different people. In the early stage, being in tune with your symptoms is essential in determining the appropriate herbs for expelling the pathogen.

Wind-Cold. In most cases, the original pathogen is a cold pathogen. Symptoms of cold can be subtle - a general sensation of feeling “under the weather,” the presence of clear or white phlegm. A slightly stiff neck. Feeling an aversion to cold and a sense of chill. With these early stage symptoms, a cold pathogen is expelled most effectively with herbs that can warm up the body and release the pathogen while it is still on the exterior.  Our Lung Detox/Flu Recovery Cold formula is devised to be taken upon early stage, to help drive out wind-cold pathogens as well as support the transformation and dispelling of any underlying phlegm and damp, which are easily taken advantage of by a virus.  In addition to taking our formula, you may add-on teas or broths with commonly known warming food/herbs to combat wind-cold, including cinnamon, ginger, and green onion.

Wind-Heat. If early care is not enough, what was cold can turn into heat, usually in the course of one to two days. Our bodies are naturally warm, so anything that enters warms up as well. In the modern day, there are many of us who are already burning fuel at a rapid pace, rarely turning off our engines enough to rest. Extra heat has already been accumulating internally. In this situation, a cold pathogen can turn to heat in a matter of hours. Sore throat, feeling of being warm or flushed, yellow or discolored phlegm and thirst are the first signs of the pathogen fomenting heat in the system. With these symptoms, the pathogen is most effectively expelled with herbs that are cold in nature. Our Lung Detox/Flu Recovery Heat formula is crafted with cold, exterior-releasing herbs to support your body’s rapid release of the pathogen, as well as herbs that dispel underlying phlegm and damp in the system. In addition to our formula, consuming light broths or teas that are cooling can help - such as mint, chrysanthemum, mulberry leaf, echinacea. For an especially high fever, watermelon (including the rind) is also suggested. 

When building your own herbal medicine cabinet, it is good to have an arsenal of remedies ready to go, so you can properly address issues at the right stage with the right tools. Our Defense Pack includes all three formulas - Immune Shield, Lung Detox/Flu Recovery Cold, and Lung Detox/Flu Recovery Heat, so you can be prepared however the pathogen presents itself. Lung Detox/Flu Recovery Cold and Lund Detox/Flu Recovery Heat tackle both presentations of Cold and Heat, respectively. In addition, they assist your body in overcoming prevailing symptoms of damp, phlegm, dry cough, loss of taste and smell, possible nausea/vomiting, and chest construction. Both formulas contain herbs to support your body’s natural ability to detox, overcome, and eliminate the pathogen. To have these on hand can be the difference between a sickness that takes days to overcome, to a sickness that takes weeks, or even months of lingering effects. 

Anuenue Botanicals is here to support you in building your bodily wisdom and strengthening your resilience.